Summer Team

Three students are working in the Peer Lab this summer. At Earlham, every student can access a paid internship or research experience through EPIC Advantage. Many students get more than one experience! All three students working this summer are being funded through summer research funds or McNair, so they are eligible for an additional paid research or internship experience.

Ethan Perkins

I’ve been working with Dr. Reavis for about a year now, learning about how bullying and praise affect people. I wanted to get involved with her research for two reasons: my eagerness to understand what makes people flourish, and my interest in research. I’m excited to work in Dr. Reavis’ lab for the summer so I can learn more about the research process itself and work towards a better understanding of how positive and negative events can influence a child’s development. I’m especially happy to get experience working with both eye tracking equipment and online survey software like MTurk.

Leslie Estrada

Hello! My name is Leslie Estrada. I am a Psychology student at Earlham College from Santa Ana California. I am a Mexican-American first generation student who hopes to works with children. After college, I want to pursue a career in child development. On my free time, I like to take walks, read, and hang out with my friends.

Sungeun Park

I am a senior Math and Psychology double major, and I am excited to do research as a member of The Peer Lab over the summer. I look forward to getting hands-on research experience and some skills to interact with children. After this research, I will go back to my home country (South Korea) to do an internship at a dance company. With the members of the internship site, I will participate in volunteering programs and interact with children and adolescents from low socioeconomic backgrounds. I hope I can apply my skills that I will obtain from The Peer Lab at the volunteering programs.

Rachael Reavis