Summer 2019 Lab Members (Part 2)

This summer, four students are working in the Peer Lab, supported by Earlham’s Summer Research Program as well as the McNair Program.

Thuong Nguyen

My name is Thuong Nguyen. I am a rising sophomore and I intend to double major in Psychology and Global Management. I study Psychology as I am interested in how people behave and react in different situations, as well as how people think and feel. I am participating in Rachael’s Peer Lab because I want to get hands-on experience in preparing and conducting a psychological study. In addition, as I intend to go to graduate school, I would like to learn more research skills and apply what I have learned from the psychology courses to practice. The Peer Lab can help me understand the attention of children in bullying situations, and this fascinates me a lot as I am usually concerned about the bullying among children in schools. I am also eager to learn how to use eye-tracking equipment and how to analyze data from this study.

Jerilyn Gillenwater

My name is Jerilyn Gillenwater, and I am a rising senior at Earlham College. I am majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in African American studies. After graduating in 2020, I will be attending a Direct Entry Masters of Nursing program with a speciality of Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in order to assist in decreasing the maternal and infant mortality rates that are significantly higher in African-American women. My ultimate goal is to open up a birthing center in a low-income neighborhood in order to provide women in quality healthcare. I joined the Peer Lab in order to enhances my skills in data collection, analysis, and poster writing that I will be able to use in my later work as a Nurse Practitioner.

Rachael Reavis