Summer 2019 Lab Members (Part 1)

This summer, four students are working in the Peer Lab, supported by Earlham’s Summer Research Program as well as the McNair Program.

Robert Alba

My name is Robert Alba and I am a rising senior at Earlham College. I am majoring in psychology, and after graduation in 2020, I plan to go on to graduate school for a degree in industrial and organizational psychology. I joined the peer lab not only to gain more hands-on research experience but also in the hopes of learning more about perceptions of bullying situations and how various stimuli are interpreted and used to make sense of a situation. I look forward to staying in Richmond this summer and working with my professors and peers.

Rance Albert

My name is Rance Albert, Earlham College class of 2021 and a Global Management and Peace & Global Studies double major. My career plan is to go to graduate school and work with policy research in taxation and social security. I applied to work with Rachael Reavis at the Peer Lab this summer because of the effects bullying has on all participants: the one who bullies, the victim, and the bystander. I believe that this summer research will allow us to analyze the data from the eye-tracking study and develop conclusions for Dr. Rachael Reavis to test in the fall.

Rachael Reavis