Fixed Mindset Team

This semester, the Peer Lab is big enough that we need two teams! The Fixed Mindset team is predominantly responsible for our studies on Fixed Mindset. They are also working on a study about disgust with collaborators from the University of Mississippi. The team consists of one senior (Idara Udo-Inyang) and three sophomores (Seung Hyo Ki, Leticia Maganga, Yunjoo Shin).

Seung Hyo Ki: I am a sophomore at Earlham. During the summer, I did an internship for SML Good Neighbors in Virginia. I was a mentor for elementary school students and spent time with them learning peace, nature, diversity, and more! I look forward to do this research because I can apply the result on praising children when I teach my students in the future.

Leticia Maganga: I’m from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I am an intended Psychology major and Chemistry minor. This summer I went back home. I got to visit family, go hiking and I also did my fair share of sight-seeing! I am excited to do research because I feel like I am a part of something bigger. Findings in research can lead to paradigm shifts in addition to improving people’s quality of life. It is quite an honour to be a part of the process.

Yunjoo Shin: I’m a sophomore Neuroscience major working in the Peer Lab this semester! I am planning on pursuing an MD/MPH degree, and I hope to use that degree to help make advances the field of child health and overall well-being. This summer, I was able to learn about various different aspects of public health through an internship at IUPUI’s Fairbanks School of Public Health and was able to also mentor a group of underserved Latino students through a camp called Your Life Your Story. That is why I’m even more excited to participate in the Peer Lab because I can learn more about and get hands-on experience with child psychology. I hope that someday, with the knowledge I gained from research, that I can help underserved children not just with their physical health but also with their mental and emotional health.

Idara Udo-Inyang: I spent the first six weeks of the summer as a Research Assistant on Earlham College campus. The next few weeks of July and August I spent visiting various family members all over the States. I went from New Hampshire to New York to the Maryland-Washington D.C area. All the delayed flights were worth it to see family. My future career choice is counseling psychology/psychotherapy working specifically with adults.

Rachael Reavis