Fall 2019 Peer Lab Members, Part 2

Meet the other half of the Peer Lab. Our lab manager, Ethan, is a returning member & Uyen is joining us for the first time this fall.

Ethan Perkins

I’m a senior Neuroscience major at Earlham College. In broad strokes, I’m interested in everything from computational biology and genomics to behavioral and social psychology. I also like to learn more about how to apply techniques from computer science to streamline the research process. I’ve been working in Dr. Reavis’ Peer Lab for almost 2 years. I applied because I wanted to learn more about how bullying affects children; in my time here I have also enjoyed learning new research techniques, presenting at conferences, and studying bias and its effects on perception.

Uyen Pham

I am a junior at Earlham College majoring in HDSR. The reason I am interested in this field is because I enjoy looking at human’s behavior and tendency under multiple lenses. By combining Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology, I hope to uncover the psychology of individualized humans in the context of their environments. My reason for joining the Peer Lab is to learn about the processes of research design, data collection and analysis, and research presentation. I think these skills will greatly benefit me in the near future when I go to graduate school as well as in general as I go on to study the human psychology.

Rachael Reavis