This semester, all six team members presented work at conferences.

Three students presented a poster at the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference (MAUPRC). They discussed our Living Lab exhibit at the Joseph Moore Museum.

Three students presented a poster at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, the major professional conference for child development. They presented results from our studies on praise and fixed/growth mindset.

The students also presented at the inaugural EPIC Expo at Earlham College.

Yunjoo Shin

I attended MAUPRC, and it was an amazing experience to present on the Living Lab and to learn about what other researchers are working on. There were poster presentations, which our team presented at, and there were presentation sessions where people presented longer talks about their research. I especially enjoyed watching our Earlham seniors present, because their topics were very interesting and they were great speakers. We also heard from Dr. Margaret Stevenson, the keynote speaker during lunch. It was very interesting to learn about how male and female holdout jurors use different techniques to explain their stance to the rest of the jury. Overall, it was a bonding experience for all of us who attended, and it gave me more ideas about what sort of research I would like to pursue for my senior research project!

Seung Hyo Ki

I was expecting a typical research conference where students present and answer questions. However, at MAUPRC, I was motivated to see students from all different school present their own interested topics with enthusiasm and skills. Many of presentation and posters gave me new ideas as a person who wants to run a research in the future. Not only participating the conference, but also the process of preparing to present our poster at MAUPRC was a helpful experience for me. My group got together to make an interesting and informative poster about the Living Lab at Earlham. We also had to practice how to present the poster for a certain amount of time. All these things were new, and I got a great chance to learn both from my team and the conference. If I have a chance, it would be great to present my own research later at MAUPRC.

Lara Khalifeh

I got the chance to attend the SCRD (Society for Research in Child Development) conference in Austin, TX. It was an amazing experience. I was extremely nervous at presenting first but it went well, and everyone was impressed with and interested about our poster about the role of praise on mindsets. I also attended 4 paper symposiums about autism, and that was helpful as I plan to work with a developmental psychologist through assisting her with her research on autism this summer. Moreover, Austin was beautiful! I really enjoyed sightseeing and the good food trucks.

Leticia Maganga

On April 8th we had the opportunity to attend the MAUPRC, a conference that helps to showcase undergraduate research in the field of Psychology. I was part of the team that had a poster presentation on the “Living Lab at Earlham College”. It was a wonderful experience as it helped us connect with peers and learn more about their research and experiences. There were also paper presentations which were a joy to listen to especially when the Earlham seniors presented their own senior research. Dr. Stevenson gave her talk over lunch and it was fascinating to hear how differently holdout jurors, depending on whether they were male or female, defend their decisions. It was a fun and educational experience and it makes me more determined to continue being a part of the field of Psychology.

Rachael Reavis